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Filipino with a side of Super Mario, Kirby, Super Cat Tales, and Just Shapes and Beats. Does music. Does comics. Does a lot of things.

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As of June 19, 2019, I have decided to put down Geometry Dash for good.

Geometry Dash was a great game at first sight, but since the long wait for 2.2 has bored me, and levels take too long for me to finish, I have decided that I am completely satisfied with what I have in the game. I have moved on to other games including Just Shapes and Beats.

I had a good time with everyone in the GD community, but over the years I got more and more uninterested in the game, sadly. The repetitive gameplay, fails, and stuff are big factors. Update 2.2 was taking too long, which made me feel more uninterested, than excited.

But since you might be asking - what would happen to my Newgrounds? My music? First off, I won't be shutting down my Newgrounds account! I'll still use it to make music and comment on my favorite music and games.

But what about your music?

I'll still make music in the meantime, but I also have other stuff to work on like new JSAB comics and fanart.

Are you still allowing your music to be used in Geometry Dash?

Yes, I still allow you to use my songs in GD. My farewell to this game won't affect how my songs will be used in Geometry Dash, so don't worry!

Will you return to GD after 2.2 comes out?

I do not know when will 2.2 will come out, and I think it'll never will release at a good time, considering how long RobTop is taking to develop the game's updates. If I return, I would become really bored again. The decision to quit Geometry Dash is, in my opinion, a good decision, for all the reasons stated above.

Are you hyped for Super Mario Maker 2?

For obvious reasons, YES!

Farewell, Geometry Dash! Hello, outside world! I'm ready to discover new things. Thanks for playing my levels!


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